Certain temporary visas may be transformed into a residence permit, among them, visas granted under law no. 6,815/80 that may be transformed into a residence permit or other visas, such as a diplomatic, official or courtesy.

The request for transformation can be made in national territory. It is important to note that the transformation request must be instructed with the documentation established by law.

I am in Brazil with a visitor’s visa and I am doing business. Can I extend the validity of my visa?

The extension to be granted will depend on three important factors:

  • Compliance with the agreement that Brazil has with the country of its nationality in this matter;
  • Presentation of documents proving the need to extend the stay in Brazil and
  • Discretion of the competent public authority.

Can the visit visa also be turned into a residence permit?

Yes, the visitor visa may be transformed into a residence permit in the national territory as long as the immigrant meets the requirements established for the granting of the type of residence permit that he/she wishes to obtain.

The extension of visas, if applicable, will be at the discretion of the authority responsible for the concession.

I have a temporary visa issued based on the former law no. 6.815/80. Can I turn it into an indefinite residence permit?

First of all, it is important for the immigrant to verify in advance if his/her visa is eligible for this type of transformation.

It is important to note that in cases where the visa was granted based on an employment relationship with a company in Brazil, the immigrant must demonstrate that he remains linked to that institution and an employment contract with an indeterminate term will be one of the documents required for the successful transformation.

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