The visitor visa is suitable for the foreigner who wishes to travel to Brazil for the purpose of:

  • I – tourism
  • II – business
  • III – transit
  • IV – artistic or sports activities

The traveler who has the purpose of making family visits, attending meetings, conferences or seminars, may enter the country with this type of visa.

It is important to note that the visitor visa can be transformed into a residence permit in the national territory, provided that the applicant fulfills the necessary requirements to obtain the type of the intended authorization.

Another important point brought by the new migration law is that it clearly states that the immigrant foreigner, who is the holder of this type of visa, can receive expense allowance, daily allowance, repayment, or even a salary from Brazilian government or private entity.

Nevertheless, the immigrant should observe if his/her country of nationality is exempted from visa to enter Brazil. In case of exemption, the immigrant must comply with the requirements to enter the country as a visitor, such as: invitation letter, in case of business meeting; evidence of hotel accommodation or third party’s residence; evidence of return airline tickets; evidence of financial resources to guarantee its stay in the country, among others.

It should be noted that the authority that carries out the immigration control may request additional documents or information, when it deems necessary, especially if there is a reasoned distrust regarding the real purpose of the foreigner’s entry into the country.

In case of fraud, the immigrant may be prevented from entering the national territory, and shall return to his/her country of destination immediately.

In the event that the immigrant does not have a longer term to stay in the country, considering the counting of the term of the migratory year, he/she may also be prevented from entering the national territory.

Therefore, it is essential that the immigrant does not exceed the period of stay that was granted, as well as do not use this type of visa to carry out activities that are not covered by the visitor’s visa.

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