Carteira de trabalho para estrangeiros

The Employment Registration Book is a document issued by the Regional Labor Departments, an authority subordinated to the Ministry of Labor and Employment.  This document is intended to record the employment contracts between employees and their employers.

If the foreigner is the holder of a residence permit whose contract of employment is under the Employment Registration Book (linked to the CLT) with a Brazilian employer, it shall obligatorily issue this document

Documents and procedures:

Most of the regional labor offices offers schedule via the internet for this type of processing. Therefore, the foreigner who wishes to issue the Brazilian Employment Registration Book must verify that the place where the document is to be issued already has such a system and scheduling.

As a rule, the documents required for the procedure are: prior scheduling; official identification document (valid and without erasures), passport; national migration register (CRNM) or protocol issued by the Federal Police; CPF (Individual Taxpayer registration Number); proof of address; DOU, among others.

Most of the regional labor offices have equipment for biometric identification, which is why the presence of the applicant is mandatory. It is worth remembering that even in police stations that do not have equipment for biometric identification, the presence of the applicant is mandatory.

How soon will my Employment Registration Book be ready?

The deadline for issuing the document may vary. However, ordinance no. 85 of June 18, 2018, issued by the Ministry of Labor, provides that the maximum period is 15 days.

What is the validity period of my Employment Registration Book?

It will depend on the validity of your visa/residence permit.

The term may also vary in the case of:

  • presentation of the protocol of registration of the Federal Police – validity of 180 days;
  • presentation of the CRMN – validity will follow what appears in this document.

I have a residence permit based on a family reunion. Can I issue my work permit?


The term of validity of the document shall be equal to the validity of the CRMM of the CALLER holder, as provided by Ordinance no. 85 of June 18, 2018 of the Ministry of Labor and Employment

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