The immigrant who receives a job offer in Brazil with an employment agreement must first obtain a residence permit in compliance with the requirements established by both the legislation that deals with the immigration aspects and the CLT.

Autorização de residência para fins de trabalho com vínculo empregatício no Brasil

The new immigration law allows the immigrant:

  • obtain a prior residence permit: in this modality, after approving the application for authorization, the immigrant and his / her dependents (if applicable) must attend the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate abroad to receive the visa in the passport or;
  • apply for a residence permit: modality used by immigrants who are in the national territory. In this case, the immigrant will not receive a visa in the passport.

The approval published in the Federal Official Gazette (DOU) is sufficient to carry out the national migratory registration in the Federal Police Department.

It is important note that if the immigrant choose the residence permit process, he/she should ask his/her dependents for authorization based on family reunion.

The residence permit based on family reunion must be registered in Brazil at the Federal Police Department corresponding to the residence jurisdiction of the PRINCIPAL (sponsor) holder and his or her dependent CALLED.

It is important to emphasize that the authorization with the purpose of family reunion will be conditioned to the prior granting of residence authorization for the familiar PRINCIPAL.

What documents are required for prior residence authorization?

The required documents are listed in the applicable legislation.

For the SPONSOR company, it is necessary:

  • corporate documentation;
  • payment of the applicable fee;
  • detailed justification of the company for the hiring of the immigrant;
  • contract of employment for a determinated or indeterminated period signed (subject to the model established by law)
  • Other necessary documents and information.


  • valid passport (more than 6 months is recommended);
  • personal data;
  • proof of professional experience duly legalized (consular procedure) or apostilled  based of The Hague Convention or Apostille – learn more at:
  • evidence of education, related to the activities that are going to be developed in Brazil duly legalized (consular procedure) or apostilled  based of The Hague Convention or Apostille.
  • other documents established by the applicable legislation.

What is the estimated time for approval of the process after the protocol in migranteweb?

30 days. However, it is important consider that the deadline may vary according to the volume of processes to be analyzed as well and any possible requirements that arise during the process.