The foreigner who wishes to drive in Brazil may do so, provided that it observes the provisions of law.

It should be noted that Brazil is a signatory to the Vienna Convention. Therefore, the foreigner who has a driver’s license issued by one of the signatory countries of the convention, may obtain the Brazilian national Driver’s license.

Meet some countries signatories to the Convention:

Argentina; USA; France; Portugal; United Kingdom, among others.

Procedure for obtaining the Brazilian national driver’s license – CNH for foreigners (simplified form):

The procedure must be carried out at the transit office of the immigrant’s city of residence.

As a rule, the main documents required are: DUDA rate; driver’s license issued by the country of the foreigner; official identification document, with photo, among others.

Will the Brazilian with driver’s license abroad be able to obtain a national driver’s license in Brazil in a simplified way?

Yes. Provided that the country issuing the driver’s license document is a signatory to the Vienna Convention.

Brazilian or foreigner with driver’s license abroad, holder of a driver’s license issued by a country not a signatory to the Vienna Convention, can obtain a Brazilian driver’s license?

Yes. However, he/she should attend a driving school in Brazil. That is, he/she should take classes on traffic legislation, as well as carry out practical test of direction and psychotechnical and ophthalmological tests.

It is important to highlight that the issuance of the national driver’s license is fundamental for those who drive in Brazil. However, individuals and some companies do not value the issuance of this document because they consider an additional cost or unnecessary bureaucracy.

In a timely manner, it should be noted that the driver who does not hold a driver’s license will commit an infraction under the law in force and will have the vehicle seized. The vehicle may only be taken out by an authorized driver.

At J&D, we have consultants who are experts in preparing documents to obtain the national driver’s license for Brazilians and foreigners able to drive abroad. Our advisory includes the previous analysis of the driver’s license document abroad and the completion of the process and delivery of the CNH by the competent authority.

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