The document transcription consists of performing a kind of registration in Brazil of a document issued abroad. As an example we have the issuance of a consular certificate of birth or marriage issued by the consular offices of Brazil abroad. In order to take effect, these documents must be transcribed in Brazil.


In Brazil, where should I carry out the transcription of my documents?

As a rule, the transcription of a document must be carried out at the notary’s office competent to carry out this process.

What documentation is necessary to transcribe the document?

  • Original document to be transcribed;
  • Proof of residence;
  • Applicant’s identification document, e.g.: Id. Card; National driving license.

In some cases, the notary’s office may request additional documents such as birth and marriage certificates. Again, the required documentation will depend on the type of document being transcribed.

What is the deadline for the transcription of a document?

As an average, about 40 days. However, this period may vary depending on the type of document, requirements or even the volume of applications filed in a notary’s office.

Can I transcribe the document in any city in Brazil?

Not necessarily. However, as a general rule, the document must be transcribed in the city where the applicant is resident.

What documents need to be transcribed in Brazil?

As a rule, birth and marriage certificates issued by a consulate or embassy of Brazil abroad.

Are you in doubt about how to transcribe your document in Brazil?

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Our advice covers everything from the previous analysis of the document to the handing over of the transcribed document.

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