In recent years, Portugal has become one of the main destination countries for Brazilians, either because of the historical ties that unite these two countries that resulted in the constitution of Portuguese-Brazilian families, or by the attraction of investments, result of a strategic policy of Portugal for the country’s economic growth.

In this context, many Brazilians have expressed their desire to acquire Portuguese nationality and seek, among the existing options, the one appropriate to their case.

What are the types of Portuguese nationality?

Assignment of citizenship:

It applies to the individual under the age of 18, son of a Portuguese father or mother, and also to the grandson of grandfather or grandmother of Portuguese nationality, provided that they fulfill all the established requirements.

Acquisition of citizenship:

It applies to the woman, married to a Portuguese, whose marriage took place until November 11, 1981 and also for a spouse, married for more than 3 years with a Portuguese or living in a common-law marriage.

Other cases for acquisition of Portuguese citizenship:

Reacquisition of Portuguese nationality; acquisition of Portuguese nationality for a descendant of Portuguese above third degree, among others, are possibilities provided by the legislation of Portugal for the acquisition of Portuguese nationality.

Documentation and procedure:

Regardless of the basis of the request for Portuguese nationality, whether by assignment or acquisition, the applicant must be prepared to present a document that links him to a Portuguese citizen. An example is the attribution of nationality based on Portuguese grandfather or grandmother, where the grandchild, must, necessarily, present the birth certificate of the grandfather or grandmother.

The application process may be initiated in a consular office of Portugal in Brazil.

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