Autorização de residência administrador

The Normative Resolution No. 11, dated on January 01, 2017 issued by National Immigration Council, revoked the former normative resolution no. 64 of 2004. Consequently, Companies wishing to obtain a residency permit for the immigrant, administrator, manager, director or executive with legal management powers in Brazil are expected to comply to all requirements set out in this regulation, as well as in the new Migration Law and the Decree that the regulated it.

One of the fundamental requirement is the proof of foreign investment in the brazilian company that may occur in two ways.

  • foreign direct investment no less than R$ 150.000,00, followed by Job Creation Plan for no less than 10 new employees, at least for the next two years after the brazilian company starts to operate OR,
  • foreign direct investment no less than R$ 600.000,00

It is important to note that the amount required for residency permit authorization is granted per each immigrate named.

The proof of completion of foreign investment should be carried out through the Central Back of Brazil´s systems printed screens and currency exchange contract issued by the receiving bank, signed, dated and stamped by a manage at financial institute.

The immigrant who is in Brazil, may apply for a visa without having to leave the country to get the visa?

Yes. Pursuant to art. 151, paragraph 2, of Decree No. 9,199, 2017, since the documents listed in art. 2 of normative resolution No. 11 of 2017 are presented.

In this case, after the publication of the decision in the Official Gazette, the immigrant shall make appointment at the Federal Police Department to apply to your National Immigration Registry

The residency permit based on normative resolution No. 11 of 2017 revoked former normative resolution No. 62 of 2004?


With the advent of new regulations some requirements have changed. However, they were not promoted changes in the amount of investment required for each administrator, Manager, Director or named Executive

What documents should I present in the Federal Police Department for my national immigration registry?

The necessary documentation can be obtained through the Federal Police website or directly at the police station where the immigrant will carry out your registry.

We recommend the prior verification of the list of documents. Changes may occur at any time; the Brazilian authorities update the requirements according to their internal guidelines and bilateral agreements settled with certain countries.

Should I perform an electronic scheduling before you attend the Federal Police?

In most cases yes.

Verify that the federal police department near your residence is already using the electronic scheduling system.

In the case of the holder has dependents, you will need to perform a schedule for each dependent.

I’m abroad, can I get a visa for family reunion for my dependents?

Yes.  However, it is necessary that your residency permit has already been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security through the MigranteWeb System.