This is a process of fundamental importance for every person or company that needs to carry it out.

In order to be accepted abroad, documents must, in the great majority, undergo a process of legalization. This procedure aims to prevent fraud as well as ensure the authenticity of the issued document.

Depending on the country of destination, the document issued in Brazil may need to be legalized:

  • By the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brazil;
  • By the Consulate or Embassy of the country of destination in Brazil or
  • At a notary’s office, based on the Hague Apostille Convention.

When is necessary to legalize a document

Before legalizing the document at the consulate of the destination country established in Brazil, it will be necessary to legalize the document in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brazil. Eventually, depending on the type of document, you may be required to authenticate or certify the signature of someone who signs the document in a notary’s office in Brazil.

At J&D we count on professionals specialized in this type of process, carrying out with quality, professionalism and speed, legalization of documents for different countries.


Can I legalize a certified copy of an original document?

As a rule, yes. However, it is recommended to check in advance whether the legalized copy will be accepted or if the original document is required.

The document I am going to legalize is unreadable. Will it be accepted?

In most cases, no.

J&D has experience in legalizing any document for more than 40 countries.

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