CPF para estrangeiros

CPF consists of the inscription in the individual register of the Ministry of Finance.

The CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration Number) number will assist the immigrant in various procedures such as: opening a bank account; hiring services, such as telephony; acquisition of products and in the annual adjustment of income tax – IRPF, among others.

I have a residence permit in Brazil with employment relationship (CLT). Am I required to issue the CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration Number)?

Yes. The CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration Number) is an indispensable document for the regularization of the immigrant who comes to Brazil with the purpose of establishing residence for a long period, mainly, when he/she will carry out professional activities for a long period.

Do I need to issue a CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration Number) number at each new residence permit or visa?

No. Once you have issued a CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration Number) number, it will always remain the same. If the immigrant stays for a long period outside Brazil, upon returning, he/she may have to regularize the CPF number in order to continue to use it.

Where can I check my CPF’s register status?

Through the Federal Revenue website: http://cpf.receita.fazenda.gov.br/situacao/default.asp

My CPF is suspended. What should I do to regularize it?

You must pay a tax to regularize your CPF and attend a unit of the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service with the following documents:

  • Official identification document as photo, valid;
  • Number of registration with the CPF;
  • Voter’s card
  • Applicable rate.

I live abroad, can I regularize my CPF?

Yes. Look for a Brazilian consular office abroad to carry out the regularization process.

I’m going to live in Brazil for a long time with my family. Do I need to issue a CPF for all of them?

Probably yes. Mainly for hiring certain types of services and income tax return.

It should be emphasized that even if the immigrant has minor children, he must inform their CPF in the income tax statement.

I will travel to Brazil with a visitor’s visa for a short period. Do I need a CPF?

As a rule, no.

The application for registration or regularization of the CPF, can be carried out by a proxy holder?

Yes. At J&D we are experts in this process. Contact us and meet our services.

Will the Federal Revenue give me some plastic card with the CPF registration number?

Since June 2011, the Federal Revenue has ceased issuing plastic cards with a CPF registration number. At the time of issue of the number, the applicant will receive a printed paper, in card format, with the CPF number.

For better convenience, we suggest that the applicant print this paper and laminate it to present it, when requested.

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