An immigrant who intends to travel to Brazil for the purpose of attending a regular course, internship, exchange or conducting research may obtain a temporary visa provided that it presents the necessary documentation established by the competent authorities.


The study visa will authorize the immigrant to carry out the activities in the institution that is defined, and can not be used as a visa in another institution. The holder of this type of visa may also perform a paid activity, compatible with the study time.

Where to apply for a student visa for Brazil?

The student visa, as a rule, must be requested abroad in the embassies and consulates of Brazil. The immigrant who wishes to obtain this type of visa should go to a consular office of Brazil abroad with the necessary documentation. Most consulates and embassies in Brazil have the prior scheduling system. Therefore, before going to a Brazilian consular office, check whether or not it is necessary to schedule a service beforehand.

It is important to point out that the consular authority has the autonomy to request clarifications and additional documents, whenever it deems necessary, in addition to those that have already been requested at first.

What documents do I need?

As a rule, the student must present documents such as: original passport; criminal records certificate; birth certificate; photography; documents proving links with educational institutions abroad and in Brazil; internship term, depending on the case; international health insurance and evidence of subsistence in Brazil.

Also on the issue of the necessary documentation, if it is not presented, the visa will be denied. Requests for visas that have been incompletely instructed or that generate doubts as to the real intention of the immigrant to study in the country will be summarily denied.

Is it possible to extend the student visa?

Yes, however, it will be at the discretion of the authorities to extend the stay of the immigrant with this type of visa, and it is fundamental that it remains enrolled with to the Brazilian institution. Documents that evidence this enrollment should be attached to the request for extension.

Brazil annually receives thousands of immigrant students, among them those who participate in the program called “sanduíche” (sandwich).

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