Legal documents are of great importance, regardless of their purpose. In most cases, they require a professional translation to avoid incurring fatal errors.

Therefore, one must have the necessary legal knowledge, since any gap or clause translated incorrectly can cause serious losses to a company, sometimes resulting in a legal process.

To be accepted in Brazil, a document issued abroad and written in a foreign language should, in most cases, be translated into Portuguese. Certain documents, depending on the purpose, must be accompanied by a sworn translation into Portuguese.

Similarly, documents produced in Brazil, in order to be accepted abroad, require, in most cases, a sworn translation into the language of the country of destination.

It is important to note that a sworn translation of a document is often required to go through the process of consular legalization or through the procedure of the Hague Apostille Convention.

At J&D, we are experts in the analysis of these types of documents. We are in charge of studying the situation considering in detail the purpose of the document that will be presented.

Consult our sworn translation services for several languages ​​and ensure necessary quality and speed.

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