autorização de residência no Brasil

The residence permit consists of a request for authorization to the competent authorities of the Brazilian government so that the immigrant can reside in the country, according to the purpose of his stay.

How to get a Visa to Brazil?

The main hypotheses of residence authorization in Brazil, according to the purpose, are:

  1. Research, education or academic extension;
  2. Health treatment;
  3. Humanitarian assistance;
  4. Study;
  5. Work;
  6. Realization of investment;
  7. Family reunion, among others.

The visitor’s visa may be transformed into a residence permit, provided that it is instructed in accordance with the legislation.

With the advent of the new immigration law, is it possible to apply for a residence permit in the national territory without the need to leave the country?

Yes. However, the immigrant must make sure that the purpose of his/her stay in Brazil is compatible with the possibilities of obtaining a residence permit allowed in the form of a law. He must also have all the necessary documents and comply with the deadline for processing the application.

The immigrant can not use a certain residence permit to carry out activities not related to him.

A Brazilian company wants to enter a work contract, with a fixed term with me. What type of residence permit should I get?

A prior residence permit may be requested based on Art. 142, I, and of decree no. 9,199/2017 and, provided that the requirements established by the normative resolutions of the National Immigration Council are met.

The residence permit may be granted for a period of up to 2 years. After the period of 2 years, the same can be changed to indeterminate, by complying with the requirements established in specific legislation.

It is worth mentioning that it is extremely important that both the Brazilian company and the foreign – immigrant professional comply with the requirements established in the migration law, as well as in the regulated decree and in the normative resolutions issued by the National Immigration Council.

Family reunification and work visas to Brazil

I have a residence permit based on a family reunion. Will I be able to work in Brazil?


The new migration law authorizes the exercise of work activity by the holder of residence permit based on family reunion, Art.153, § 10 of decree no.: 9199/2018. In addition, said legal provision provides that the immigrant must be treated on an equal basis with the Brazilian national, complying with the current legislation.

I have filed a request for the transformation of temporary visa V – with permanent employment contract, still in force of Law 6,815/80. Will I have to apply for a residence permit for each member of my family?

If your case has not yet been approved, it will probably fit into the situations contemplated by Joint Order no. 1 of 2018, issued by the General Coordination of Immigration of the Ministry of Labor and by the Department of Migration of the Ministry of Justice.

According to the aforementioned order, the foreigner, among others, must file via digital migrant, application for residence permit, observing the provisions of law and the normative resolutions issued by the National Immigration Council.

With regard to the dependents of the holder of the application for permit referred to above, a residence permit should be requested based on a family reunion, in view of the provisions of Article 153 of decree no. 9.199/2018 and also complying with the provisions of interministerial ordinance no. 4 of November 27, 2018.

Loss of Brazilian nationality

I lost Brazilian nationality and I do not want to buy it back. Will this be an impediment to obtain a residence permit?


According to article 155 of decree no. 9199/2018, the immigrant in this situation may apply for a residence permit observing the purpose of the type of the intended residence permit and the faithful fulfillment of their requirements.

The residence permit based on Article 155 may be granted for an indefinite period.

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