The Brazilian company that aims to bring foreign professionals to perform technical activities without employment in Brazil, must apply for a residence permit previously in order to obtain a temporary work visa. Should observe the requirements of the current legislation, especially at the normative resolution nº: 03/2017.

Autorização de residência para técnicos

Which activities are considered as a technical?

The normative does not bring an exemplary roll. However, it clearly states that purely administrative, financial or managerial activities are not covered by this form of residence permit.

Requirements for obtaining residence permit for technicians

  • valid passport;
  • non criminal records certificates of the called immigrant (observe specific requirements in case of prior residence or residence permit);
  • informations and documents of the brazilian sponsoring company;
  • technical assistance or cooperation agreement, in case of companies that are in the same economic group.

Practical information of the residence permit processing

The Brazilian calling company must comply with the requirements established by the currently legislation, as kind:

  • The suitability of the requested residence permit to the type of service that will be performed by the immigrant. In the event of non-compliance, the company may face administrative sanctions, such as a fine.
  • The required documentation must be presented correctly and completely. Remember that documents produced abroad must be legalized or apostilated, as well as translated by a sworn public translator in the country to the Portuguese language. Learn more at: 

Is it possible to extend or renew the visa?

Yes. But can not be exceeded the period established in the normative, except if the contract involves guarantee. In this case, the contract must be valid for the requested period.

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