The Hague Convention consists in the exemption of the legalization of the foreign public acts by consular authority.

The procedure based on the Hague Apostille applies to public documents drawn up and submitted in one of the signatory countries of the convention and will be carried out by the competent authorities of the country issuing the document.

This procedure consists in placing on a public or private document, a kind of extension of the same, a seal or an apostille that becomes a note that will certify the authenticity of the entire contents of the document.The process of legalization of documents is essential in any expatriation process, especially as regards the immigration process which includes, for example, obtaining a work permit or a visa for the country of destination.

The main documents that are legalized in an expatriation process are: university diploma; experience letter; letter of recommendation; criminal records certificate; certificate or declaration of good health; birth and marriage certificates, among others.

It is important to note that not all countries are part of the Hague Convention. Canada, for example, did not adhere to the agreement. Therefore, documents issued by that country, to be accepted in Brazil must be legalized in a Brazilian consular office. This process is known as consular legalization and not apostille.

Access here the list of countries that are part of the Hague apostille convention:

Where can I make the annotation of a document issued in Brazil?

In any place that has authorization to carry out the annotation

Do I have to legalize a document issued by a foreign country that is part of the Hague Apostille Convention, how should I do it?

You should go to the public agency authorized by the issuing country to do the annotation.

Who can legalize a document based on the Hague apostille convention?

Any person, provided that the person presents an official document of identification.

Can I legalize a document issued by internet?

Yes. However, first he/she must pass through the materialization process.

I would like to legalize a certified copy of a document. Is it possible?

Yes. However, verify that the applicant will accept a certified copy or if only the original apostille document will be accepted.

Knowing all the details and procedures for legalizing a document can be tricky, both for the individual and for the company. Therefore, it is essential to have the support of experienced professionals in this process.

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