Cidadania espanhola

What are the types of Spanish nationality?

Citizenship by residence:

The term may vary depending on some family circumstances.

Citizenship by choice:

There are a number of conditions that allow foreigners to acquire Spanish nationality, for example, the children of a Spanish mother or father (subject to the family power).

Citizenship by affiliation:

The acquisition of nationality depends on the subjective character of the Government that analyzes each case in detail. Therefore, it is essential to have specialized advisory.

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Documentation and procedure:

Regardless of the basis of the application for Spanish nationality, the applicant should be prepared to submit documents demonstrating a strong link with Spain. An example is the application for nationality by choice, which requires the foreign spouse married to a Spanish citizen to present the marriage certificate, among other documents.

It is important to organize all the documentation strategically. This is because many of the requested documents have expiration dates and can expire even before the process is registered.

Applicants for the application for Spanish nationality must submit the following documents:

Birth certificate; It should be requested, usually, at a notary’s office in the city where the person were born. This document must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of birth;

  • Criminal records certificate: from the country of origin, and from the Spanish authorities. The first, duly legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country. The second must be requested in the Registro Central de Penados y Rebeldes;
  • Certificado de empadronamiento;
  • Certificate of regular residence in Spain;
  • Documents that prove the means of living to reside in Spain. Ex: work contract; financial investments; etc.;
  • Copy of the foreign identification card (residence card);
  • Complete copy of all pages of the passport (including blank sheets);
  • Other documents may be requested, depending on the current situation of the applicant.

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